YabulMe Help Page

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What is YabulMe? How does it work?

What does YabulMe do?

YabulMe, when it works, saves the locations of this device.
The device that you connect to YabulMe website.
Device maybe: Cellphone, computer, notebook, ipad, etc.

How can YabulMe help you?

1- YabulMe makes your life safer. If you don't show up next day, we can give those records to the people that you authorized.
2- That's up to your imagination!


1- As a safety tool:
YabulMe, gives your data to only to the people that you authorized.
We don't get your name, phone number etc. All we get is your location. So, we don't know who you are. Then, how do you get your records?
Computer will give you an identification number. When somebody that you authorized wants to see your records he/she has to enter password and identification number. We don't know your identification number. We don't know your password. Those are between you and computer.
You can set the authorized people. You must set user name, password and contact information for each authorized person.
Don't you want them see your records unless it is an emergency situation? Fine. Even you can set precondition like:
"Call me 3 times before let them see my records. If I don't answer the phone then let them see my records."

2- That's up to your imagination!

Is it free?

Without a plan: It is free but limited.
Safety plan is $10. Gives you 100 hours that you can use in a year.
We have safety plan, fun plan and business plans
Click this link to go to 'plans' page.

How much does it cost?

These are yours cost factors:
1- Internet activity:
When YabulMe runs, it sends and receives data through your internet connection.
We don't charge extra for these but your service providers for internet (or cellphone), etc may charge extra if you don't have sufficient plan with them.

2- The plan you buy from us:
Plans start from $10 a year. For example, 'safety plan 1' gives you 100 hours of tracking for $10. You can use anytime in a year.
Look at the plans below.

Is it trustable?

YabulMe can not work properly without internet.
If you loose internet service more than 30 seconds YabulMe may or may not stop working.
The other technical issues also may stop YabulMe running.
So, how much is it dependable?
Well, let thousands of people try it first. Then we might have some statsitics to see how trustable this service is.


If it is a safety matter you must definitely verify the street addresses with lattitude and longtitude values that we provide.

Location tracking does not depend on street address but depends on geolocation values: Lattitude, longtitude. We can provide geolocation (lattitude and longtitude) values of the locations that you are authorized to see. Meaning, if you see a street address, you can get the geolocation values too.

Accuracy of geolocation values:

1- Accuracy during location change:Goal for maximum deviation: 25 feet at Ecvator. 1 feet at Polls.

2- Accuracy in 'no location change' status: YabulMe does not save changes less than 10 feet. So, if YabulMe shows no change: Maximum deviation would be 10 feet more than 'Accuracy during location change'. Meaning, 'maximum deviation in no location change' is:35 feet at Ecvator. 11 feet at Polls.

Accuracy in addresses is a different matter!
Once a while addresses on the map may look like not accurate.
What to do in such situations?
If it is a safety matter you must definitely verify the street addresses with lattitude and longtitude. Meaning, don't trust the street addresses but lattitude and longtitude.

You should pass this information to your authorized people. Your authorized people should pass this information to law enforcement guys if they are involved.

Can I put shortcut icon on my screen?

On Android phones:
  1- Go to 'Yabul.Me'.
  2- On top right corner, click menu icon.
  3- Click 'Add to'
  4- Select 'home screen'
On iPhones: ?
  1- Go to 'Yabul.Me'.
  2- On top right corner, click menu icon.
  3- Click 'Add to'
 4- Select 'home screen'
On Windows phones: ?
  1- Go to 'Yabul.Me'.
  2- On top right corner, click menu icon.
  3- Click 'Add to'
  4- Select 'home screen'

Terminology, default values and dependability:

Order: When you click 'YabulMe now' , YabulMe starts working. That's an order. Each order will have a unique order number. Also, you can schedule YabulMe too if you have a paid plan. Whenever YabulMe starts tracking and saving your location a new order number will be assigned. Order duration: Time limit for each order. Default time limit is 1 hr.
Interval: Default interval is 10 seconds. Meaning program will check your location every 10 seconds and save it if it is changed. You can change the intervals for your orders in some plans but iIt cannot be less than 1 seconds. Maximum interval is 60 seconds.
Credit: Credit in YabulMe are not money but hours. You get hours of credits. If you have 10 hour credit, you can use YabulMe for 10 hours. Life time of records: Default 'Life time of records' is 1 month. That menas we may delete the records that older than 1 month.
Authorized people:Who can see the records.
Addresses: How many addresses can you see? Are addresses visible to you or not? Default: Each plan has its defaults. In general, you pay more you see more.
Mapping: In general, if address is visible to you, you can see them on the map if you want to..


1- WARNING: We dont accept any kind of liability! If you like it use it! If you dont like it, dont use it!

2- No refund.
Start without a plan. Try it for free. If you like it buy $10 plan. If you like it buy more!
3- WARNING: Tracking means internet usage and data usage.

4- This might increase your bills from your service providers: Internet and telephone service providers: The companies which gives service for this device that you connect to yabul.com or YabulMe.